What I have learned from reviews

Waking in the back room of his lair, the warmest spot in his network of tunnels and chambers, Aurykk, the golden dragon, raised his head. He yawned and stretched his hind legs, then twisted his neck to inspect new patches of dusty, white scales on his side. Even after living for more than 400 World-Turns, Aurykk was surprised to see those dull patches, sure signs of entering his Twilight Time. Although he yearned for long naps and easy food, he was still a Protector and ready to help if called.

After thanking my readers who have reviewed Malevir: Dragons Return, I now will acknowledge a point one of them made. In love with a bevy of characters I thought were interesting and crucial to my narrative, I included so many of them in the book that it needed a list of names and creature types to relieve any confusion the reader might experience. Now, as I am crafting the second novel in this Malevir series, I have carried a few of the characters into the new narrative, but have greatly diminished the cast. In fact, just last evening, as I was reviewing what I’ve written so far, I contemplated giving the pink slip to a few more. I liken the experience to becoming an empty-nester. Perhaps, someday, maybe in the third and final novel, a few of the ‘laid-off’ characters, my offspring, will return. We shall see. All this cutting I hope will produce a lean (if not mean) text.