Part I, Chapter 2

A spring storm passed over the mountains and surged toward the plain below. Rainwater cascaded down the cliff wall surrounding the dragons’ lair and splashed the ledge beyond its entrance. Draako stretched his neck toward the brightening sky as he ambled outside.

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Part I, Chapter 7

Nnylf sat with Azile and Lustre at a table near the hearth of the young man’s lodge. He ate quick bites of the food placed in front of them. Sweet, spicy bread, creamy butter and yellow cheese, pears and apples, and nuts and dried berries filled their plates. Lustre poured cool milk into shiny white cups from a clay pitcher that Nnylf had not noticed before. He wondered at the ceiling, higher than four men one above the next, that spanned over his head. Held up by massive wooden beams, its planks must have been darkened by years of smoke from the wide fireplace centered in one of the long walls.

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Part IV, Chapter 7

Isabella often thought of her mother, Serpinafria. In her grief, she struggled against memories of the copper-gold dam defending herself from Moktawls who had ambushed her, but that painful image hung on.

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