About the Author

authorphoto_1Growing up in Chicago, Susan Bass Marcus discovered her love of stories at her local library. Years of mining its collections encouraged her to become a storyteller and a puppeteer. She entertained audiences throughout the country with her original performances. Later, her storehouse of tales and puppeteering skills enriched her museum career–she was the first professional museum educator to create a life-like interactive dig site program inside Spertus Museum. Her innovative methods used legends and accounts of Near Eastern archaeology to enliven visitor programs. Like bringing ancient history to life, Marcus’ passion for dragon lore fuels Malevir:Dragons Return, set in a world of her own invention. Malevir: Dragons Return, first of a series, plunges the reader into a tale of humans, dragons, and magical creatures against ruthless monsters, a tale marked by danger, mystery, courage, and ingenuity.

In addition to this novel, Marcus’ published work includes essays, short stories, and online media.