excerpt: #dragons

copper dragon

Malevir: Dragons Return-Part I, Chap. 1–A spring storm passed over the mountains and surged toward the plain below. Rainwater cascaded down the cliff wall surrounding the dragons’ lair and splashed the ledge beyond its entrance. Draako stretched his neck toward the brightening sky as he ambled outside. “That last practice might truly have been the end of you,” growled Aurykk as he followed Draako to the lip of the ledge. “You were lucky the winds carried you back here. Be careful this time. Let the currents flow under your wings and drop your legs a bit to get some lift.” Draako’s front fangs scraped his lower lip as he dipped his head in respect. “I won’t forget. Just watch me.” He raised his head again, spread his wings, and jumped in the direction of the river valley that ran behind their mountain cave. Aurykk remained on the ledge, a grimace wrinkling his long jaw.

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